Piestro has teamed up with Serve Robotics to bake and deliver pizzas with Serve Robotics delivery robots. The partnership will offer customers contactless, end-to-end robotic pizza delivery.

For the contactless pizza delivery process, Serve’s robots fit up to four Piestro pies and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep for a completely contactless, end-to-end transaction. Customers enter a passcode to retrieve their pizza from the delivery robot.

Automated pizza delivery is currently limited to one market in the Los Angeles area.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Serve Robotics to offer our customers the convenience and delight of robotic delivery. Robotic delivery is contactless and reliable, with a higher on-time rate than couriers, and will allow our customers to get their pizzas even faster than before – all at the touch of their fingertips,” said Piestro CEO Massimo De Marco.

“In 2022, we expect to see self-driving commercialized, with sidewalk robots starting to see scaled deployment across major cities. After over a decade of R&D (Research and development), for the first time, we will realize the economic value of autonomous mobility as the marginal cost of robotic delivery falls below the rising labour cost,” said Ali Kashani, co-founder and CEO of Serve Robotics.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.