63 per cent of Information Technology (IT) decision-makers surveyed say their organizations lack the support for a wide range of cloud resources.

60 per cent of IT leaders complained about inadequate reporting, dashboarding and analytics. More than half of respondents said they needed more support for provisioning approaches and complained about the lack of support for hybrid models.

57 per cent of IT leaders surveyed say that their companies have met or exceeded their earnings expectations when using the cloud. However, it is still difficult for companies to find top priorities for their expansion plan.

Organizations that use multicloud or hybrid cloud environments are most affected, as governance obstacles slow companies down and prevent them from scaling rapidly.

These cloud challenges are having a serious impact on businesses. 58 per cent of IT executives said that their firm experienced greater risk, 52 per cent said they had incurred in expenses and “unnecessary costs,” and 51 per cent said that the problems were limiting their ability to innovate.

The Forrester report for Quali found that companies are looking to the cloud to implement the customer experience strategies needed to design, create and deliver multichannel marketing brand experiences for new and existing customers.

Global disruptions are also fueling business migration to the cloud as it presents companies with modern and capable solutions to better manage supply chains, providers and distribution.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.