Oracle has laid off employees in its marketing and U.S. customer experience division. According to four people with direct knowledge of the matter, some employees have been told that their jobs have been axed. Those dismissed from their roles include junior sales staff and a division sales director.

Rumors of imminent cuts had circulated through the division in recent weeks, but management claimed the jobs were safe, according to a former employee.

In some LinkedIn posts, the restructuring within the company was cited as the reason for the job cuts. While the Customer Experience Division provides analytics and advertising services, the division was unable to meet expectations for growth.

At an event last year, Executive President Douglas Kehring said the unit had “historically been probably a little more disappointing than it should have been.”

Oracle is now targeting the healthcare sector to boost its efforts in the competitive cloud technology market.

Oracle’s decision joins a growing list of tech companies laying off workers because of harsh economic realities.

The sources for this piece include an article in Bloomberg.