A number of people who pre-ordered Starlink broadband have complained that the tiny changes they made to their service locations on the Starlink website immediately delayed their delivery dates by a year or more.

The complainants say that using a new mapping tool to more accurately pinpoint their home sends a person who preordered right at the very back of the line. This problem is by no means new, as it is said to have happened to many people in the past.

According to user reports, if a person’s address changes slightly, the delivery date of a pre-order will be pushed back to a later date, which applies to new orders. In addition, SpaceX warned customers last week that the persistent chip shortage is affecting the company’s ability to deliver orders promptly.

There is considerable uncertainty about what is causing the delay or whether SpaceX will soon find a solution to the problem, with one person posting on Reddit suggesting that the 2021 delivery dates were already wrong and would not be updated until they had moved the pin on the map.