Windows 10 Hologram

In Microsoft Corp.’s view of the future, “universal” applications will run across all devices from phones, desktops, game consoles, appliances and wearable devices.

It’s a world where a person can transform a television set into a computer by simply connecting a Windows phone to it.

It’s also a world where Android and iOS apps will run on Windows machines. That’s right iPhone apps and Android apps are coming to the Windows 10.

At the recent Microsoft Build developer conference, the company made it clear that it is making it easier for app developers to bring their existing application to the Windows Store.

For example, Microsoft is now allowing Android developers to reuse their Java and C++ code to build Windows apps and giving the go signal to iOS developers to use their Objective-C code.

There are a lot of untouched and un-updated apps in the Windows Store and Windows Phone store. By enabling developers to bring their apps to Windows, Microsoft hopes to increase its offerings and reduce the risk of apps being abandoned.

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