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Hashtag Trending Apr.12-U.S., Spain and China investigate ChatGPT; New service to create malicious Android apps; Unseen interviews, emails and speeches of Steve Jobs revealed...

More regulators move to investigate ChatGPT, a new service to create malicious Android apps and Steve Jobs’ is still “making things wonderful.”    These stories and...

Hashtag Trending: Amazon workers’ union; Android apps share data with Facebook; $1,000 to quit Facebook?

Amazon warehouse workers increase demands for a union, Facebook is tracking data from Android apps, and it's not illegal, and how much money would...

Android shut down 700,000 bad apps last year

With the help of AI, Android shut down 700,000 bad apps in 2017.

Does Google have a new operating system in the works?

Reportedly code-named "Fuschia," the news could represent a plan by Google to develop an OS that is equally adept at powering computing, mobile, and IoT devices alike

Microsoft wants to turn Android, iOS apps into Windows 10 apps

Microsoft makes it easier for iOs and Android developers to bring their apps to the Windows Store

BlackBerry 10 update allows Android access

BlackBerry users gain access to the Amazon Appstore which offers a host of Android mobile apps previously unavailable on the platform of the Canadian phone maker

The heat is on: Nesting at home (or work) with Android

Cold enough for yah? Maybe an Android compatible Nest programmable thermostat can help heat things up this winter.

BBM finally launches for Android. (But does anyone still care?)

Okay, so remember about a month ago when our friends at BlackBerry were supposed to launch the BBM app for Android and iPhone, so...

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