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Windows 10 secures extended lifeline with paid security updates until 2025

October 14, 2025 is the official end-of-support date for Windows 10 and no security updates will be issued after that date.

Microsoft to permanently disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10 on Feb. 14

On Feb. 14, an update to Microsoft Edge will permanently disable the desktop version of the company's long-retired browser, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), on...

Microsoft to cease sales of Windows 10 licenses

Microsoft is continuing its push for Windows 11 adoption with its quiet announcement that it will cease to sell Windows 10 licenses on Jan....

Windows 11 will block WEP and TKIP Wi-Fi connections

Windows 11 will soon block Wi-Fi connections to networks running the ancient WEP and TKIP security protocols, according to a Microsoft blog posted on...

Microsoft issues workaround for new Win10 privilege escalation problem

Vulnerability in security account manager is serious enough to recommend deletion of volume shadow copiies

Windows 7 is dead, but 25% of large businesses in Canada are still running it on desktops, says IDC survey

No, it won't suddenly cease to function, as anyone who booted it up after the end-of-support deadline of January 14 discovered. It works just fine after you get past the full-screen warning from Microsoft that you're now at risk since you're running an unsupported operating system. But it's not scaring businesses from using it.

From Windows 7 to Windows 10: A migration guide

For any IT pro who's been around for more than five years, déjà vu must be setting in. It's "scramble to get onto a...

Hashtag Trending – Data Privacy Day tips; Windows 10 hogs hard drive; Samsung ditches plastic packaging

How to lie and cheat your way to better online privacy; Windows 10 is going to hog more of your disk space, and Samsung makes a commitment to do something good for the environment.

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