Microsoft will introduce the account switching feature in Microsoft 365 web apps, which means that Microsoft 365/Office 365 users will be able to log in to multiple accounts in the same browser.

The feature allows them to switch between private and work accounts when accessing different Microsoft web applications.

The single-browser account switching feature will be available from April to June in, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for the web, Outlook on the web, OneDrive for the web, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Admin Centre.

Although the feature will solve a lot of difficulties, it is in a way limited.

According to Microsoft, users can add multiple accounts to a Microsoft 365 Web app, but only one account will be active per app at a time.

Also, account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps works on a “per browser” basis. This means that if a user adds a personal and work account to a Microsoft app on Edge and then opens Chrome, his/her account does not automatically appear there.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.