Microsoft has introduced new features for Teams users, including new Polls app to conduct quick surveys and updates to Teams on the iPad.

The Polls app will make it easier for users to find and add polls to chats and meetings. The poll user interface will also allow users to move the list of proposed surveys from the bottom to the side of the pane.

It will provide access to the polls portal page, where users can view or hide them in the side pane. From now on, The Polls app will show a view of the poll results instead of just displaying the vote as before, allowing the poll creator to see what the poll looks like to the public after it is set live.

Previously, poll creators had to create a new survey every time, but with the new update, the feature will provide a list of recently created polls to facilitate re-use.

Microsoft added a “Rating” as a new poll question that allows users to answer on a five-star scale and see a total number of ratings for a particular question.

With Microsoft’s July update, the company also built on the introduction of a collapsible right panel for Teams on the iPad for meetings, allowing teams on the iPad to automatically adjust to size, app orientation, and display modes.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.