Microsoft and the Communications Workers of America have reached a labour neutrality agreement.

The agreement allows workers to decide “freely and fairly” on union representation. The move solidifies Microsoft as one of the few technology companies to embrace its workers forming a union.

“This agreement provides a pathway for Activision Blizzard workers to exercise their democratic rights to organize and collectively bargain after the close of the Microsoft acquisition, and establishes a high road framework for employers in the games industry,” said Chris Shelton, President of CWA.

Activision Blizzard, a company to be acquired by Microsoft, will also be covered as the agreement will be applied 60 days after the acquisition deal is sealed.

The new development also follows Activision Blizzard’s decision to recognize the CWA and enter negotiations on behalf of a small group of quality assurance testers. The company has been in the headlines for human rights abuses and various allegations of sexual harassment.

The move also follows a statement from Microsoft President Brad Smith that the company will not oppose union efforts by its employees.