Microsoft is facing criticism for its lack of transparency and speed when it comes to responding to reports of flaws.

A clear example of Microsoft’s slow response showed after it took the company five months and three patches to successfully fix a critical vulnerability in Azure.

While criticizing Microsoft, Orca Security researcher Tzah Pahima revealed that despite the urgent need to fix the bug, Microsoft responders were slow to grasp its severity. Microsoft’s first two patches to fix the vulnerability failed to achieve the task, and it was only on Tuesday that another patch was able to fix the bug completely.

Critics also accused Microsoft of failing to fix a critical Windows vulnerability called Follina until it has been actively exploited in the wild for more than seven weeks.

Security firm Tenable accused Microsoft of failing to transparently fix vulnerabilities involving Azure Synapse.

Tenable Chairman and CEO Amit Yoran complained in a post titled “Microsoft’s Vulnerability Practices Put Customers At Risk” about a “lack of transparency in cybersecurity” from Microsoft a day before the lifting of the 90-day embargo on critical bugs that his company had reported.