Meta is testing new tools that allow creators to sell virtual assets and experiences on the virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds.

Horizon Worlds (formerly Facebook Horizon) is a free virtual reality online video game that lets users build and explore virtual worlds.

Although it has not been possible to buy and sell digital assets, Meta is now bringing them to market to benefit from the huge revenues in the sector.

Zuckerberg said the feature will be available to a “handful of creators” but will be available to more over time.

Apart from in-world purchases, some virtual world creators in the U.S. will be paid directly by Meta for their efforts.

The bonus available to creators will be based on goal-oriented monthly programs, where creators will receive a payout at the end of the month for their progress toward the goal.

Although the metrics for rewarding creators may change in the future, Meta will reward them for building worlds that “attract the most time spent.”

“Creator monetization is really important because you all need to support yourself and make a good living building these awesome experiences that people can have,” Zuckerberg said.