Production of Apple products has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 increase, which has forced three of the company’s suppliers to suspend production.

The three suppliers affected are Pegatron, the company that makes 20% to 30% of all iPhones; Quanta, a notebook manufacturer involved in assembling MacBooks; and Compal Electronics, the company that assembles iPads.

Foxconn, the largest maker of iPhones, was forced to suspend production to limit the spread of COVID-19.

While Pegatron noted that it “hopes to resume production soon,” the increasing cases of COVID-19 in China may force the company to suspend production for a while.

Organizations around the world are battling chip shortages that began during the pandemic, and now organizations are having to close due to another rapid increase in COVID-19 cases.

Companies are now being forced to lower their production targets and expected earnings for the year. Experts are concerned about the impact of these restrictions on Apple, especially as the company is only a few months away from starting production of the next generation of iPhones.