Lapsus$, a data extortion hacking group, claimed to have hacked Globant and stolen 70 gigabytes of source code from the company’s customers.

The gang posted a screenshot of more than two dozen folders on their Telegram channel that allegedly contained the customer’s source code.

Globant confirmed the attack on Wednesday and said some of the code had been accessed unauthorised.

British authorities arrested seven people aged between 16 and 21 who were allegedly linked to the Lapsus$ gang, but were later released.

Around the time the individuals were arrested, the gang told their fans that “a few of our members” were on vacation. Announcing the Globant breach, the gang stated, “We are officially back from vacation.”

Lapsus$ has compromised top tech organizations such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Okta, and others. The group’s tactics have continued to baffle cybersecurity experts.

According to Microsoft, the group uses a variety of methods to compromise the networks of organizations, including bluffing, tricking, and bribes to steal passwords.