Intel has announced plans to unveil a new 5.5GHz 12th generation i9-12900KS processor. The processor described as “the world’s fastest desktop processor,” will cost $739.

The processor is specially dedicated to gamers and those who overclock CPUs come with unique features.

This includes 16 cores evenly split between performance and efficiency cores, 24 threads on performance cores, 150W base power, a 30MB L3 cache, and up to 5.5 GHz max turbo frequency.

“Based on Intel’s 12th Gen performance hybrid architecture, this processor can hit 5.5 GHz on up to two cores for the first time,” Marcus Kennedy, general manager of Intel’s gaming, creator, and esports segment warned.

Other features include PCIe Gen 5.0 and 4.0 support; support for up to DDR5-4800 and DDR4 3200, integrated Intel UHD 770 graphics, and a chipset that’s compatible with existing Z690 motherboards with the latest BIOS.

While Intel has published the full specs for the i9-12900KS, the company will share further information on the product at its event on April 5. Intel stated that the event can be viewed online on its Twitch channel.