The three industries that were hit hardest by increased ransomware attacks in February are industrials (35.68%), consumer cyclicals (21.62%), and technology (8.11%).

The new edition of NCC Group’s Monthly Threat Pulse also highlighted the region that was most attacked by attackers. North America and Europe were most affected, with each region accounting for 42% of the attacks. Asia was third on the list, accounting for 10% of the attacks.

The report showed that the percentage of cyberattacks increased to 55% from January to February. LockBit 2.0 with 42%, Conti with 18% and BlackCat with 11% were the three busiest cyber threat groups in February were LockBit 2.0 (42%), Conti (18%), and BlackCat (11%).

“With ransomware attacks increasing–as would be expected after the seasonal reduction in January–it is vital that organizations continue to ensure they apply appropriate security measures. This is especially important for the Industrials sector, which continues to be the most frequent victim of ransomware,” Matt Hull, head of cyber threat intelligence manager at the NCC Group.

Organizations are advised to increase security and install the latest security updates.