Chromebooks powered by Google Inc.’s Chrome operating system and personal computers running the Chrome browser can now be remotely operated from an iPhone or iPad device.

This week Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS, the company’s remote control application for PCs. Remote Control has been available for Chromebooks, Macs and Windows devices since 2011 and a beta version was introduced in 2014. Google also released an Android version of Remote Desktop last year.

The company aims to promote its Chrome browser by tying it to the Remote Desktop to the Chrome browser which is the foundation for the Chrome operating system.

Google wants to attach its core services, which includes search, mapping, email, applications and others, to PC, mobile devices and others to “optimize traffic and associate add revenue, according to a report from

The strategy appears to be working well. Chrome’s user share in the desktop space grew 38 per cent in the last 12 months, according to metrics vendor Net Applications.