Google is in talks to acquire cybersecurity company Mandiant according to the Information.

The deal could significantly help Google’s cloud business put an end to the yearly loss of billions of dollars. It could also help the company compete in the space with a bigger rival like Microsoft in the cloud computing space.

The deal if successful will mark Google’s second-biggest acquisition. Google’s biggest acquisition was the $12.5 billion deal for Motorola Mobility in 2012.

Mandiant has a market value of just under $4.5 billion. The cybersecurity platform was under the FireEye umbrella until last year when it was sold for $1.2 billion to a consortium led by Symphony Technology Group.

Google is continuously making efforts to expand its cloud security capabilities. Some of these efforts include acquiring Chronicle and Siemplify.

Chronicle is a security analytics platform that monitors the flow of data across PCs, devices, and networks to detect cyberattacks. Siemplify is a threat-response startup.