Women’s pay was significantly lower than men’s at 84%, meaning that women earned 84% of what men earn in salary, according to a recent survey conducted by O’Reilly Media.

The survey, in which 80% of respondents were men, showed that men received more promotions or more dollars per promotion than women.

In an interview with Karen Roby of TechRepublic, Rachel Roumeliotis, vice president of content strategy at O’Reilly Media, also revealed that while the gender pay gap appears to be the same across industries, it remains the same even when a woman is more educated.

He pointed out that workers in the U.K. reported their pay in an effort to tackle the gender pay gap, but this has not led to any tangible change.

On the question of whether the pandemic, the shifts and changes around the world will change things, especially the gender pay gap, Roumeliotis was positive, saying that from now on people will look at their teams and what they are asking for in order to get paid, and that all companies must ensure that every worker has the value of doing work and being part of the team, rather than looking for vacancies to fill.