The European Commission has accused Apple of violating competition law by preventing rivals from accessing its “tap and go” technology with its contactless smartphone payments.

According to the Commission, Apple’s approach has an “exclusionary effect” on competitors and “leads to less innovation and less choice for consumers for mobile wallets in iPhones.”

The Commission also accused Apple of anti-competitive practices dating back to 2015, when Apple Pay was introduced.

If the Commission is proved right, Apple could be fined up to 10% of its $36.6 billion worldwide turnover based on its revenue in 2021.

Apple denied the allegations, saying its payment system was one of many options available to European consumers. The company stated that it had ensured “equal access” to mobile payment technology and set “industry-leading standards” for data protection and security.

“We will continue to engage with the Commission to ensure European consumers have access to the payment option of their choice in a safe and secure environment,” Apple said in a statement.