Digital innovations, such as the introduction of artificial intelligence to improve remote work experience and other technologies, are driving the way non-profit organizations operate.

Currently, only 34% rely on data and evidence to provide their services. In addition, 76% of non-profit organizations are working on developing a data strategy for their business.

In the future, the majority of non-profit organisations are expected to carry out their work and services online, including outsourcing jobs, using technology to carry out their operations instead of people, and finally carrying out 100% of fundraising online.

The facts were part of Salesforce’s 2021 Non-Profit Trends Report. The report interviewed nearly 1,250 participants about the current status of non-profit organizations. One of the other takeaways from the report include the fact that 49% of non-profit organizations changed their approach to DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in the past 12 months, with 85% exceeding their goals in this area.