The U.S. government via Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, has called on American companies to help fight cybercrime by cooperating with law enforcement, claiming that the government alone cannot win the war against the attackers.

She said she hoped to learn more about companies that talk about the challenges they face when reporting cyber attacks to the US government.

During a cybersecurity virtual roundtable on Wednesday, Monaco said, “We cannot do this alone. The bottom line is this: I believe it is bad for companies. It’s bad for America and it hurts our efforts to uphold the value that we try to demonstrate as a country if companies are attacked, and don’t partner with law enforcement. Those who come forward will see that we are determined to bring our authorities to bear to be nimble in our response. We make arrests. We hold people to account. We get money back.”

Calling for more organizations to come out with reports on attacks while working effectively with the government is another strategy used by the Department of Justice to effectively address the problem of cyberattacks.

Previously, the department also set up a task force on digital extortion to better coordinate the government’s response to such attacks.