As part of its antitrust lawsuit against some of Google’s actions, the U.S. Justice Department wants some Apple executives to testify under oath.

According to Steven Sunshine, who spoke on behalf of Apple, the government asked for depositions of “Apple’s most senior executives,” adding that it was unclear what the Justice Department wanted from Apple.

The move to allow some top Apple executives to testify is fundamental to the ongoing antitrust case between the Justice Department and Google, which sued Google in October 2020 for using its market power to limit competitors.

Google has been accused of paying billions of dollars each year in exclusionary agreements to top companies such as Apple, Samsung and others to allegedly ensure that Google’s search engine remains the default search engine on their devices.

A trial date is set for September 12, 2023. The Justice Department’s battle with Google is just one of many ongoing legal battles against tech companies. Litigation against big tech companies is aimed at creating space for more competition and eliminating dominance.