AirPods Pro and AirPods Max now feature new “Find My” features after Apple upgraded all AirPods models to firmware 4A400.

While Non-Pro and Non-Max do not seem to have received much of this update, the AirPods Pro now supports a feature called “Conversation Boost.”

With the new “Find My” features, AirPods Pro and Max will now be able to use the feature used by many iOS devices to locate lost AirTags. This means that in cases where users lose their headphones, other people’s iOS devices can find them nearby with their location, while simultaneously updating the lost device’s Find My App.

The firmware update also includes the AirPods Pro Conversation Boost, which provides room for more precise conversations while zeroing in on voices via the headphone’s radiation-forming microphones.

The feature should allow users to understand people who talk to them when they use their AirPods Pro, even if they are listening to music and are in a loud room.

To enable Conversation Boost, users are advised to access the Accessibility panel in the Settings app.