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Hashtag Trending May 19- U.S. government use invasive AI to track refugees; OpenAI releases iOS ChatGPT app; Microsoft bets on nuclear fusion

Can an AI become sentient? As fantastic as it sounds, maybe it’s already happened. Skeptical. Me too. But when I read the conversation between...

Is a spy app collecting data from your phone?

Recent testimony to a Canadian federal government committee revealed that the RCMP has been using “on-device investigation tools” (ODITs), or spy apps, with judicial...

T-Mobile Accused Of Selling Customers’ App Usage Data

According to AdExchanger, T-Mobile has started selling its customers’ app usage data to third-party advertisers.

Canadian government launches new mental health support companion app

The Canadian government has launched PocketWell, a companion app to the Wellness Together Canada (WTC) online platform, to support mental health and combat substance...

Apple’s top 5 announcements at WWDC 2021

The five best features among a sea of announcements made at Apple's WWDC 2021 keynote.

Goodbye memories: Photos permanently deleted after Adobe Lightroom iOS and iPadOS update deletes users’ data

Some customers who installed the recent 5.4.0 version of Adobe Lightroom on iPhone and/or iPad have had their photos and presets permanently deleted, and the loss is unrecoverable for those without a backup. 

Camera comparison: Google Pixel 3 XL vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS

We put the top three smartphone cameras in a deathmatch. Which will rise above the others?

All Hands on Tech – iPhone XS review

It may be the best iPhone that Apple has ever made, with significant advances to the processor and the camera, and a design that's...

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