People working from home illustration
Source: studiokiet | Getty Images

Constant distractions pose one of the biggest challenges to working from home. However, you can overcome them through effective work planning in addition to implementing the following tips in your home office.

  • Fix a work schedule: An effective way to overcome distractions when working remotely or from home includes sticking to the work schedule and starting work at the same time when you would if you were working from the office. This can help you familiarize your body’s internal clock with the schedule and stay focused.
  • Set aside time to work undisturbed: Putting yourself in do not disturb mode by setting both busy and available times for your family or roommates can help avoid being distracted when working remotely. Also try out a scheduling tool like a Pomomodro clock. 
  • Turn off your phone notifications: Disable any notifications that are not work-related while you are working from home. This will help you avoid the temptation to pick up your phone. You can also consider putting your phone on silent mode and leaving it in another room if you don’t need it at all for work.
  • Set timers for breaks: This will help you ensure that you are taking breaks and getting back to work in time, thus maintaining a steady workflow.
  • Get out of your pajamas: Change out of something you would wear to bed in order to transition to work mode. If you still feel that your mind and body haven’t transitioned out of relaxation mode, try putting on your work clothes because that can serve as a mental signal that it is time to work.
  • Prepare your meals ahead of time: You won’t lose any work time by preparing your meals and snacks ahead of time and having them readily available. Even if you are someone who orders food from outside every day, consider placing orders in advance or during your free time.