Fifty five per cent of the 872 IT decision makers surveyed expect to increase their investment in analytics skills over the next 12-18 months. The figure that marks a leap from 44 per cent in last year’s study continue to stress the fact that data-focused initiatives will remain a top priority for IT executives.

To bridge the skills gap and concerns about poor data quality and data governance/ security issues, IT executives will spend an average of $13.3 million over the year on analytical services, training, and consulting.

According to the Foundry report, hiring qualified data specialists and upgrading existing IT staff will be a major effort to close the skills gap.

For new and emerging data technologies, 83 per cent of IT executives prioritize self-service tools to provide better data access. To achieve this, four out of ten IT executives plan to recruit talent with the skills to provide analytics training to non-technical personnel.

Data analytics remains a top objective for many companies, but according to CompTIA, organizations are targeting three areas, including data infrastructure, data security, and database administration.