London-based startup Nothing Phone (1) has teased some images of its very first smartphone in a private showcase in Switzerland, displaying its signature transparent design in full view. 

The see-through nature of Nothing’s first product, the Ear (1), is also the same design philosophy that can be seen in the Phone (1). In reality, smartphones have layers of plastic and metal that serve as protective features of the device. Nothing’s transparent phone merely reveals these layers.

One innovative feature of the Nothing Phone (1) is LED illumination, with its backlighting serving as a notification reminder, flashlight, and possibly other functions that the company will reveal in the product’s formal launch in July. 

In a video recorded by showcase attendee Rafael Zeier, the distinct patterns of light flashing and beaming through the Phone (1)’s transparent cover is seen prominently. It channels signal lamps that visualize Morse Code.

According to earlier keynotes and news, the Phone (1) will officially be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, support wireless charging, possess two rear cameras, and run on Nothing OS over Android. It is expected that other information such as the handset’s specs, features, and price will be revealed in the upcoming Nothing event on July 12.