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Staffed for Web analytics

A recent Gartner report on Web analytics says that in the near future enterprises will need three times as many professionals on their analytic staffs as they need today.

Tons of DNA data

Some companies keep databases containing all the personal information they can get about certain people. Other companies keep databases with all the data there is about all people.

Tracker hunts down traffic

Last month, Wellesley, Mass.-based DYS Analytics unveiled Usage Tracker, the latest addition to its CONTROL! line of enterprise traffic management solutions. The software is designed to reduce IT costs and optimize performance via top-down analysis of application usage

Siebel boosts analytics range with nQuire buy

In an effort to beef up its analytic functionality, Siebel Systems announced plans to buy nQuire Software, a privately held company that makes business analytics software.

CRM is getting a new sibling

PeopleSoft has decided to set a new trend by announcing it will focus heavily on Enterprise Service Automation (ESA) in the coming year.

Going Once, Going Twice

As so many companies learned in the heady days of e-everything, customers won

Delano Technology Has New Velocity

When companies start to fret about customer service and marketing budgets as their bottom lines redden, Delano Technology hopes they will look at its new e-marketing and services suite for relief.

Plug-in tool allows anonymous surfing

Anonymizer Inc. has announced the release of a new plug-in tool for Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE)...

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