When was the last time you heard of anyone using Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer 8 - A thing of beauty
Almost everyone I know of uses Firefox. I did not even like Firefox because I was spoiled with the Opera browser. But then Opera started getting incompatibity problems with web sites so I gave Firefox a try.

To stay in the game, Microsoft updated Internet Explorer.

In brief, the bad news is that it's still a bit clunky in feel simply because it's slow (relative to the competition). IE will always have its place though on a desktop, because in my experience, this browser will have the least chance of incompatibilities with web sites.

Download Internet Explorer 8 here. (Download here)

On the plus side, if one “tab” crashes, it is isolated from the other open “tabs.” This means that you won't lose all your open web sites.

I am sticking with Firefox because it loads and runs quickly. I am also hooked with speed dial and mouse gesture. These are two add-ons that one cannot live without.

I hope that Opera gets in the game again. After all, Opera invented speed dial, but someone created an add-on for Mozilla's Firefox and essentially copied it from the former browser. I suppose that's what open-source is about: take one idea that works and make it better or make it work for your own operating system/browser/add-on/API/module.

What browser do you use and what do you like about it? Do you use Opera? Firefox? Google Chrome? Internet Explorer? All?

Disclosure: Long position on Microsoft on KaChing.