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VMware recently announced that more than 300 institutions are participating in its academic program. The program is designed to give the schools free access to virtualization products, source code and resources.

Entitlement management has your number

Managing identities and access protocols can be a pain. It requires substantial effort, much of it manual, and requires tie-ins with training and security...

IT security: it

Experts weigh in on the best approach to IT security. To outsource or not to outsource

PC platform is centre stage for UWB battle

In a standards war reminiscent of the VHS-Beta debate, ultra wideband is getting mixed up in the messiness around Bluetooth and wireless USB. In-Stat and others look to the future

Tandberg server bridges SIP, H.323

The company offers a product that includes the FindMe call forwarding application, call control and firewall traversal while supporting two different protocols in an effort towards greater interoperability

Mobile sector reaches for last mile

Delivering rich media from the core to the edge of a network is information

Fortinet brings HP ProCurve to the table

Privately-held Fortinet has named ProCurve Networking by Hewlett-Packard to its global alliance partner program. This is good news for Fortinet. It should help HP, too.

Making sense of network traffic

Enterprises spend millions on analyzers, sniffers and QoS gear, but some still forget to figure out how devices will get access. The other challenge: Translating the reports in a language everyone can understand

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