Tim Wilson


Network intelligence: It’s about more than speed

Next-generation infrastructure is sometimes very good at executing a few specific things at lightning speed, but lacking judgment as to their relevance or appropriateness, and unable to perform some essential tasks

Primus offers relief from nuisance calls

The service provider offers a system that will identify some calls, block others or route them to voice mail. It's one way to fight back against telemarketers, but will a do-not-call list make it redundant?

Motorola launches Toronto WiMAX trial

During WiMAX World USA in Chicago, Motorola announced it is working with Primus and Mipps on trials of WiMAX IEEE 802.16e-2005 in Toronto.

Do you know who owns your network?

What are the odds of two triple-nine providers going down at the same time? It depends on if they're backhauling on the same network.

Policy management poised for growth

The research firm says a central component of next-generation network architectures will generate more than $100 million in product investment this year, growing to $700 million by the end of 2010

Cisco wants a piece of the virtualized network

At VMworld in San Francisco Cisco announced the integration of its Frame Data Center with VMware Virtual Infrastructure. The intent is for customers to make better use data centre resources and ensure improved business continuity and security.

Chinese infrastructure players set sights on Canada

Chinese infrastructure companies have been making major inroads around the world. However, most of the big stories from the likes of ZTE, Huawei Technologies and UTStarcom Inco. have been from deals in emerging markets. Nonetheless, these are large companies, and they

FireScope greenlights developers to pursue BSM

The firm plans on maintaining long-term viability with a new software development kit for its business service management appliance, but observers say it's moving in a crowded space

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