Managing identities and access protocols can be a pain. It requires substantial effort, much of it manual, and requires tie-ins with training and security applications. The focus is often on limiting network vulnerability and plugging holes, meaning that a lot of time is spent putting out fires, or anticipating the next one.

The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP) has set an example by taking the bull by the horns and implementing an “entitlement management” solution. Simply put, entitlement management means only “entitled” people have access to data such as personal identification and banking numbers. It’s a big job: the OTPP is the second largest plan in Canada and represents and manages pensions for 270,000 active and retired teachers, with invested assets totaling $106 billion.

“People are tired of managing multiple policy repositories,” says Andras Cser, a senior analyst with Forrester Research. “It’s the aggregation of these that is the foundation of entitlement management. This is a very exciting topic that has great promise. I see this as the ‘

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