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The hazards of GPS tracking

Since 2005, phones sold in the United States have been GPS-enabled to accommodate the FCC E911 regulation requiring that cell phone carriers be able to locate specific phones for 911 emergency calls. But there’s a big issue raising its head.

Readers write back:

September 8, 2007Ralph Sabean of Annapolis Royal, N.S., writes: I enjoy GPS for geocaching. Very neat way to see how well they work and if lost they are excellent for tracking back where you came from exactly.

There have got be other programs downloadable to have more fun as well, but not for tracking persons just to keep tabs on them. If tuned to the right frequency you may be able to track people, pets, lost children, through DNA research and development. I’m sure with all the missing children and adults this would be a tool worth putting a few million dollars into and the sales would sky-rocket beyond belief.


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