Friday, August 19, 2022



Barriers and hurdles: Indigenous entrepreneurship in Canada

Startup Canada's Kayla Isabelle highlights the challenges facing Indigenous entrepreneurs and the tools and resources available to them.

Startup to Startup: A conversation with Leila Lavaee

Written by Jackie Clarke As the principal partner of Solutia SDO, Jackie Clark has had a front seat watching tech transform business in Canada and...

The blueprint for the modern workplace starts with a solid foundation

We’ve seen a lot of change in how we go about our work, and we may look back on this as a rare positive resulting from the pandemic.

Hashtag Trending – Office space decisions; Back to school issues; Amazon’s inflated prices

A story about a CEO keeping the office open while asking employees to stay home catches fire, back to school challenges are aplenty, and Amazon gets caught inflating prices during the pandemic.

Hashtag Trending – CenturyLink outage; Apple and Tesla stocks split; Getting chatty about algorithms

A U.S.-based internet service provider suffers a major outage over the weekend and it can be traced back to Mississauga, everyone is going bananas after Apple and Tesla stocks split, and LinkedIn gets chatty about algorithms.

Hashtag Trending – TikTok chief quits 100 days in; Apple makes advertising harder; Scots Wikipedia snafu

TikTok’s CEO steps down after 100 days in office, Apple is making it harder for Facebook to advertise, and in a shocking turn of events, it turns out Scots version of Wikipedia was written by someone who was clueless about the language.

Hashtag Trending – TikTok suing the U.S.; Apple and WordPress lock horns; PIPEDA chatter on Reddit

TikTok says it’s planning to sue the Trump administration, Apple and WordPress lock horns after Apple gets a little greedy, and a story about PIPEDA and Tim Hortons catches fire on Reddit.

New cybersecurity event MapleSEC is filling a void in the Great White North, says CIRA

Canada boasts a strong pool of cybersecurity talent and a federal government that is taking the threats posed by hackers seriously, but in international...

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