Thursday, August 11, 2022



Technicity GTA 2020: Leading the Charge – Brampton

The City of Brampton in 2018 was willing to go the extra mile to improve how the municipality tracks and maintains its fleet services. Since then, Brampton has made significant improvements to a system that accomplishes just that

How to make your non-profit more innovative

A study by Capital One Canada found that 59% of smaller local charities rated their use of technology as poor. The nonprofit sector is one of the slowest to have adopted technology. So how can nonprofits remain innovative as we move into 2021?

ITWC adds three new events to its flagship program

Events provide actionable insights from experts, peers ITWC, Canada’s largest content provider serving the IT industry, is pleased to announce the 2021 schedule for its...

Strategies to control your telecom and IT spend amid the pandemic

Almost every enterprise out there has been in some form of cost-cutting exercise recently as COVID-19 has strained economic activity. IT and telecom budgets, often considered cost centres, have been under more scrutiny. Here are some spending tips.

Startup Policing: Lessons learned from having a cop work in a university startup incubator

Written by: Shawna Coxon, deputy chief of police with the Toronto Police Service AND Ian Williams, manager of analytics and innovation with the Toronto Police Service   To...

A new perspective: How our autistic-majority IT company is weathering the pandemic

How an autistic-majority IT company is weathering the pandemic

Migrating an entire university to the cloud, during a pandemic: lessons learned

Read about how Canada's Athabasca University (AU) in Alberta doubled down on virtual education from the perspective of the school's CIO Jennifer Schaeffer

Ransomware threats are real. How are you reducing your risk?

Prevention is far less taxing than recovering from a security attack.

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