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Articles by Nestor E. Arellano

5 fun apps for your Apple Watch

Here are five mobile apps that work great with the Apple Watch

Air Miles pilots mobile app program

As Air Miles collectors enter a store, they get a push notification on their phones that lets them know there are offers available in the store for them

Hybrid cloud adoption to triple as on-prem and private cloud use slow  

Concerns over security and data protection remain as major hurdles to hybrid cloud adoption

Google helps map global export markets for Canadian businesses

Google works with Export Development Canada (EDC) to provide Canadian businesses data on key export opportunities around the world

VMware introduces two open source projects to boost microservices

The new open source projects will provide developers the portability and speed of containerized applications and deliver to IT teams the security and performance they require, according to VMware

Federal budget leaves IT sector players wanting more

The government could have gone a little further in supporting innovation and businesses, say tech sector experts

BlackBerry acquires Israeli data security company WatchDox

BlackBerry plans to open R&D centre in Israel

C-suite execs fear ‘domino effect’ of cyber attacks: Survey

A coordinated, sophisticated and large-scale assault will not stay within the walls of the company being attacked

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