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Philippines more than a call centre

Manila is pushing the country's educated, English-speaking, culturally aligned workforce to make it a business process outsourcing destination for North American firms

Swainson says successor must chart CA’s growth phase

CA may be back from the brink, but challenges ahead remain daunting says outgoing CEO John Swainson...

Enterprise bring-your-own laptop programs cut costs, risks

Worried about workers infecting the company network? Make them bring their own computers. Two virtualization companies talk about their bring-your-own computer programs...

Microsoft’s direct hosting service great for small biz

The recent rollout of productivity and collaboration applications directly hosted by Microsoft will be a welcome development for small Canadian businesses, but the services...

Facebook wants to be friends again

Following a

Microsoft’s Social Desktop

What would you name an application that marries elements of desktop functionality with the online file sharing capability of a social network-aided cloud structure?If...

Facing the music of Facebook’s terms of service

Facebook might have averted a potential mass revolt by pulling, for now, terms service which in effect says the social networking site owns or...

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