Despite the lack of commercial devices built for it, mobile app developers find appear more interested in Firefox OS than the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system.

As many as 25 per cent of respondents cited in the Appcelerator Quarterly Mobile developer Report by analyst firm International Data Corp., indicated that they are very interested in Mozilla’s Firefox OS. The survey tracks mobile industry trends by interviewing more than 6,000 mobile app developers from around the world.

The Firefox OS was introduced in February this year at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. The operating system’s open Web standards allow developers to build phone features as an HTML5 application. It also allows carriers to tailor interfaces and localize services to match the needs of their customer base.

Devices for the Firefox OS are expected to ship later this year or early next year in Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Serbia and Montenegro.

Only 19 per cent of respondents indicated interest in Ubuntu for phones, about 14 per cent for BlackBerry 10 and nine per cent for Tizen, an open source, standards-based software platform for multiple devices.


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Firefox OS may be generating more interest these days, but mobile OS leaders iOS from Apple and Google’s Android remain developers’ top targets.

About 87 per cent of the respondents they are very interested in iOS while 78 per cent indicated they are interested in Android.

About 37 per cent of mobile app developers said they are interested in the Windows Phone system.