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How to get application performance insight

To monitor the health of business transactions, you need to know what part of the transaction takes place where, and the impact of the component's performance. Network packet inspection isn't good enough. Application performance management tools are the solution

Maybe cash isn’t such a bad idea

Maybe it's time for our cashless society to go back to using fewer cards and more dollar bills, at least until information security improves

Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded

What would Yogi Berra have made of FaceBook, e-mail, RSS feeds and other applications we use so much that we've stopped using them?

Justifying social networking paranoia

Facebook Ads and Beacon started us down a slippery slope, and no one knows how far it is to the bottom.

Recent spate of IT security breaches undermines confidence

Worldwide stock markets recently took a dive, some losing as much as 8 percent of their value overnight. Experts mostly blame the drop on loss of investor confidence rather than any underlying long-term problem. Confidence plays such a huge role in business and, indeed, in the whole global economy.

I just finished reading a McKinsey & Co. report that made me feel like I should be seeing rainbows and hearing choirs of angels singing. The 2005 report

Trust sinks secure ships

The weak link, of course, is people. We

Porn purveyors may be in the cubicle next door

News about Internet-enabled child pornography is rampant today. It seems you can

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