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Right direction for banking is another step away

I do my banking and money management with a U.S.-based global financial planning company. Like most such companies, this one is pushing its customers toward the Web for conducting transactions.

Reconsidering the sale of IBM

Earlier this year, I expressed misgivings about the sale of IBM

Get used to competing for jobs in the tech market

As high school and college graduation announcements of friends and relatives hit my mailbox this summer, I think about these young people entering their college studies or careers. I take a particular interest in those entering the IT field, as I did myself more than two decades ago, and feel ever so grateful I

E-mail snooping: a smart strategy

Recently I was drawn into a conversation between two women who happened to be small-business owners. One woman was telling the other how her husband occasionally looks at their employees

The IT oath: First do no harm

There is a line in the famous Hippocratic oath that states, “I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and...


Toward the end of 2004, IBM Corp. announced its intention to sell its renowned PC division to the Chinese company Lenovo Group Ltd. Lenovo has agreed to pay IBM US$1.25 billion for the business, US$650 million of that in cash.

Messy process of capitalism

Offshore outsourcing is nothing new; U.S. manufacturers have been sending work overseas for years. What's new about offshore outsourcing is that we're now transferring the work of knowledge workers to places like India and China.

A tale of migration regret

About six years ago, my company made a strategic IT decision to migrate fromnNovell NetWare to Microsoft Windows NT. At the time, the decision seemednreasonable.

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