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A tale of migration regret

About six years ago, my company made a strategic IT decision to migrate from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows NT. At the time, the decision seemed reasonable: Novell Inc. was on the wane, NetWare was growing a little stale, and NT and its myriad application products were touted as the new "industry standard." We were not alone in our transition

A Look At The Rapidly Changing Face Of Computing

Don't blink! That's the advice from Jeffrey Harrow, author and editor of the on-line journal The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing.

Peer-to-peer networking makes a comeback through the help of the Internet

A few years ago, my colleagues and I wrote a book on peer-to-peer networking with Windows for...

Peer-to-peer networking makes a comeback

A few years ago, my colleagues and I wrote a book on peer-to-peer networking with Windows for...

Using professional services can lower your costs

As technology becomes more complicated, systems integration gets tougher. You can choose to do it yourself and spend months to fully deploy a new application or system. Or you can hire a professional services group to set up the system for you and get your company a quicker and possibly higher return on the technology investment.

E-tailers need to put more focus into customer service if they are to succeed

International Data Corp. has dubbed 1999 the watershed year between

New industry group could help drive security standards

Have you ever hesitated a few moments before sending your credit card number over the Internet? Perhaps more importantly, are customers or partners hesitant to conduct e-business with your company, for fear of poor security practices? Can we ever fully trust whoever is on the other end of our computer connections? How can we be sure they are who they say they are?

Renting ASP apps may make more sense than buying

Why buy when you can rent? Sounds like an ad for a car leasing company, doesn

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