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White Paper Library is a tremendous asset in the IT World of Business. It creates an opportunity to post briefs related to particular...

The Trouble with Tribbles – unabashed promo

We can take a lesson from this original Star Trek episode.PDAsin all forms: cellular phones, mp3 players, notebooks and electronicorganizers, are evolving and multiplying...

Small Voice in the Wilderness or Seer/Solar, the new Astology?

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Flashy picture or chart!  Big business is gobbling up other bigbusiness!  New technology is making recent technology obsolete!  We arein the...

Web Trends Plotted

13 determining factors that determine current Web Trends.

The Dickens ya say? more of a disjointed conversation

IT is not exactly what it is, but what you do with IT that can make a difference.

Technology Incubator ORIC – Kelowna is Launched

The Kelowna site of the Okanagan Research & Innovation Centre (ORIC) opened its doors to the public.

Microsoft Momentum

It is not often that a trade magazine offers a quick acquaintance with insightful customers, a sensible economist, a review of the Standards Council...


There I was sitting in the dentist chair looking out from a fourth floor panoramic window of the Okanagan.

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