BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Flashy picture or chart!  Big business is gobbling up other bigbusiness!  New technology is making recent technology obsolete!  We arein the trenches flaming critics and supporters, shoring up ourfavourites and castigating the opposition.  Meanwhile 2 sentientbusinesses are reaching a mutual decision ….

TELL ME!  PLEASE TELL ME if that 1).  Solves the business prolem?  2). Greens the ITenvironment?  3). Keeps the legacy networks useful and relevant?  4).  Eases our way through tough economic times? 5).  Social mobility?  6). Canadian Industries?  7). Catalyst for social change?

I will tell you this… 1).  a commercial powerhousewhere both merging companies have forward dynamics in place.  2).  WellSun Microsystems’ website does celebrate Earthday!  3).  legacy? IsOracle’s 30 years of IT history enough?  possibly a slow very slowmerger process begun when independence was still most important! 4). good base offer for shareholders some job loss possible but I amcertain that the new company can pave paths.  5).  Well let’s talkabout “Project Looking Glass”and how it could promote social mobility innovations!  It also seems tobe a soft sell to prospective partners or an offer of merger.  MaybeIBM will still be in the wedding party?  6). How deep are relationaldatabases (… ), and university or industrial supercomputers (spitfire or UltraSPARC cpu based server…)  entrenched in Canadian industry?  So deep we do not really thinkabout the challenge to create Canadian Innovations or what innovationsin Canadian research helped these two companies!  7).  well I think theundertone of the merger is innovation that would benefit all levels ofplayers and users of IT. This merger will shake competitors but those same competitors willreach out and challenge the hardware innovations, and will even adaptto the use of Oracle/Son innovations that will be inserted into theirown existing software structures (… ).…

ALL IN ALLithink the future is rosy for these two Titans of Industry!  Certainlythey will have indignant critics and blind supporters, but with onlyslight bias from an miniscule observer, I believe the two companies areon a long and winding business road, a meandering river of technology, a sinous vision of the future, and a disambiguation (… ) between software company and hardware company.

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