We can take a lesson from this original Star Trek episode.PDAsin all forms: cellular phones, mp3 players, notebooks and electronicorganizers, are evolving and multiplying like Tribbles.Theyare also social indicators of the direction communities and theirgoverning economies are following.  I tend to use tools until they wearout and greatly appreciate that the new devices being developed thatcan have applications updated or added to their use.

One great new software application is Poddio by Vericorder; developed especially for journalists.

It can provide excellent use foryour Apple I-Phone as a journalistic tool replacing about $5000 worthof mobile studio equipment all for about $10.At the Vericorder website  http://vericorder.com/ are practical videos to demonstrate the use of the software and links to Poddio at the I-tunes store.

Budding newshawks and stalwart professionaljournalists will always be ready for the breaking story that can bequickly edited and wirelessly transmitted within minutes of witnessingor being onsite of the story location.The software will be available for more smartphones soon.Who will achieve the Pulitzer with this technology http://www.pulitzer.org/ ?