Don Sheppard

Don Sheppard
I'm a IT management consultant. I began my career in railways and banks after which I took up the consulting challenge! I try to keep in touch with a lot of different I&IT topics but I'm usually working in areas that involve service management and procurement. I'm into developing ISO standards, current in the area of cloud computing (ISO JTC1/SC38). I'm also starting to get more interested in networking history, so I guess I'm starting to look backwards as well as forwards! My homepage is but I am found more here.

Is software really eating the world?

Marc Andreessen stated in a 2011 New York Times essay that, “software is eating the world.” Five years later, it would be instructive to see if he was right on the money

Cloud computing standards update (ISO JTC1/SC38)

An update on the progress of cloud standardization in the ISO -- exploring various standards bodies and published standards documents

Introducing the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture

The idea of an "enterprise architecture" for the IT enterprise is not new, but IT4IT Reference Architecture can provide valuable guidance. This post breaks down IT4IT and shows how being proactive about organizational design is important in the era of Digital IT

Technology is an over-used word

It seems as if almost everything is a technology – wireless technology, information technology, and more. Do you think that technology is an over-used word? Let’s look at one particular phrase in more detail: emerging digital technologies.

More thoughts on the digital era

Revisiting a blog from 2013 entitled "Thoughts on the digital era" -- How have things changed? Do we still use the same terminology? Are those emerging technologies from then still relevant now?

Expectations for 2016 – a year of cloud challenges

Internet of Things concepts have developed rapidly over the past two years with connected cars, smart homes, industrial Internet, wearables, and more, but the transformation is just beginning. These 2016 cloud predictions illustrate the move to “everything as a service.”

A few observations from Technicity 2015

There are increasing expectations that technology will improve our lives on many levels through the widespread use of the Internet of Things. The potential benefits of highly connected cities will be huge – in buildings, on roads, in classrooms, in homes, in offices, on subways, and even in sewers.

Zone to Win – a new book from Geoffrey Moore

The author of 'Crossing the Chasm' is back with a new book that proposes a conceptual framework for nurturing disruptive products and bringing them successfully into the mainstream

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