Don Sheppard

Don Sheppard
I'm a IT management consultant. I began my career in railways and banks after which I took up the consulting challenge! I try to keep in touch with a lot of different I&IT topics but I'm usually working in areas that involve service management and procurement. I'm into developing ISO standards, current in the area of cloud computing (ISO JTC1/SC38). I'm also starting to get more interested in networking history, so I guess I'm starting to look backwards as well as forwards! My homepage is but I am found more here.

Track list for emerging technologies

Though emerging technologies have changed how we live, work and learn in a significant way, the future of IT is still a work in progress and will range from Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality that will transform our definition of next gen technology. This blog predicts the emerging technologies we will see in the years to come.

The mysterious blockchain “revolution”

Why are Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies currently basking in the public spotlight?

Discovering clouds and other things

When it comes to the cloud, discovery tools can be important is the common email address

Milestones in IT: Apple at 40

How is Apple coping with its new status as a middle-aged company from an innovation standpoint?

Apple, the FBI, and why security is the final frontier

Security is never a black and white, all or nothing decision. Why the recent FBI vs. Apple case is an example of what could be a very gray area

An outsider’s observations on Apple vs. The FBI

The FBI has an iPhone problem they want to solve with Apple’s help. Since this has become public news, there’s bound to be considerable F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty and doubt), as well as incorrect information, legal questions, and a general lack of understanding.

Tracking emerging IT standards

The Internet of Things (IoT) has complicated the standards landscape considerably. How do IoT, mobility, cloud computing, the Internet, and software-defined systems relate for the purposes of standardization?

Charting the course for digital IT

There are a lot of new solutions in digital IT to consider when adopting technologies. Is the time right to develop your digital IT environment and systems?

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