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Should enterprises virtualize the desktop?

Desktop virtualization is nothing new. Citrix, Microsoft, and VMW are all making virtualization software solutions that centralize the support and maintenance of end-user desktops....

Network storage gets faster, bigger with 3D NAND

A fundamental shift is happening in hardware. The shift from good old, reliable DRAM (DDR3) towards DDR4 and 3D NAND is happening on the...

IBM’s stagnation is ending

Though overall sales remain flat for IBM, the giant is positioning itself for growth ahead

Enterprise upgrade to Windows 10 a hard sell

What is it about Windows 7 that suggests enterprises should defer upgrading to Windows 10?

Why BlackBerry is on the right track regardless of quarterly result

For the quarter, it’s a 50/50 toss-up that revenue will fall

Google, Microsoft enter mobile device management

The race for top player in mobile device management is on. With the field starting to get crowded, BlackBerry is betting much of its...

Exciting times ahead for IBM in 2015

Due to its massive size, IBM has trouble growing. But 2015 should prove an exciting year for Big Blue

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 is ideal laptop replacement for the mobile office worker

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