Yahoo still fixing email problems


A week after its email service went down Yahoo Inc. says it is still working to get service back up to 100 per cent.

“As part of the restoration process, some timestamps may not appear correctly on some messages,” Yahoo said in a post late Sunday night. “Thank you again for your continued patience through this process and we will share an update again tomorrow.”

Some users are able to use their Yahoo email accounts but as of noon Monday, the site’s status page has not yet been updated, according to a report on the online technology publication,

The email service began experiencing difficulties at around last Tuesday. Users complained that they couldn’t access their mail in their inboxes and emails they were sending out were not being delivered.
The issue prompted Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer to issue an apology on the company’s official Tumblr blog.

“This has been a very frustrating week for our users and we are very sorry,” she wrote. For many of us, Yahoo Mail is a lifeline to your friends, family members and customers. This week we experienced a major outage that not only interrupted that connection, but caused many of you’re a massive inconvenience – that’s unacceptable and it’s something we’re taking very seriously.”

She said one per cent of Yahoo’s users experienced problems last Monday, December 9 when their messages were held in a storage system that had suffered a hardware failure.

Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) then encountered a problem when it attempted to restore the email accounts of users that were impacted by the problem.

Some industry analysts commented that the crash was a blow to Yahoo making one of the Internet’s pioneers a Web rookie that is unable to resolve a business continuity problem. Each day that the issue persists puts into question, Yahoo’s credibility as a Web services firm, some said.

Yahoo. has been working hard to regain prominence in the space. Among Mayer’s latest move was to beef up her company’s stable of journalists by hiring TV news anchor Katie Couric to lead Yahoo’s growing news department.

Last Friday, the company said it was still restoring access to some of its users but the company was having difficulties with the IMAP protocol.

Mayer said “overall uptime is well above 99.9 per cent, even accounting for this incident.”

“We can and we will do better in the future,” she added.


  1. Is anyone having an issue with their Yahoo inbox? I have ad boxes popping up overtop of my email and it is preventing me from opening my mail. Any suggestions on how to eliminate these boxes?

  2. DOWN AGAIN!!! For at least an hour now as of 3:09PM EST on Feb. 10, 2014…keep getting “capacity errors” on the email site. Rest of the crap no one cares about like OMG Entertainment, homepage and useless search engine appear to work though. Priorities Yahoo! priorities….only thing people use on your site is the email. That should be the primary focus, but more often than not it is DOWN or spamming me sending me and others on my contact list messages saying they come from me, despite me taking every precaution possible to protect the account.

    Will be dropping Yahoo altogether really soon and use Gmail as primary mail and use someone else as a backup (Yahoo was the backup, but they just ain’t reliable enough!)

    I pity businesses or people who really rely on Yahoo for things.


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