Published: August 17th, 2000

Sequoia Software has begun shipping its Xdex an indexing engine for Web information written in XML. The engine allows Web surfers to conduct detailed searches and find information. Sequoia claims Xdex is the first off-the-shelf indexing engine for XML. The engine takes advantage of XML’s tagging system to deliver high-performance, context-sensitive searches. It uses smart spiders to search for information under different XML tags, and it automatically indexes that content. Administrators can schedule the spiders to scan file systems, Web sites and databases to look for XML data. The goal of Xdex is to provide Web site developers with the ability to offer highly targeted search results. For example, if a Web surfer were searching for information about the city of Columbia, Md., he wouldn’t receive information about the Columbia River or Columbia University if he were using a portal that employed XML tagging and indexing. The engine runs on Windows NT servers and plugs directly into the Microsoft Management Console for administration. Priced at US$1,995, Xdex.

Prices listed are in US currency.